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The Benefits of Linear LED Lights
2016-10-28 10:11
Linear fluorescent lighting (LFL) was once the go-to lighting solution for large commercial facilities, and expansive office environments. But today, there is a new solution in town that offers better energy efficiency, lighting control and longevity: LED linear lights. While LED versions of familiar fluorescent lamps have been available for quite some time now, it is only recently that that have improved in performance and price to the point that they can be considered credible alternatives to fluorescent. LED based tubes can deliver better color quality in demanding retail and commercial settings and respond to intelligent controllers for increased energy savings.
There are two types of linear LEDs for those looking to migrate from existing fluorescent fixtures, retro-fit LED lamps or fixtures and retro-fit lamps. Replacement lamps imply what the name says; they are direct replacements for existing fluorescent lamps in an existing unmodified fixture. You only have to pull out our old fluorescent lamp, and replace it with a similar size, and similar looking LED light. The only draw back to these replacements is the new lamp has to work with the fixture’s existing ballast, incurring the penalty of the extra ballast.
Retro-fit LED lamps, on the other hand, require the fixture to be modified before the LED tube can be installed. Typically, installing the retro-fit requires removal of the ballast to allow direct wiring between the AC power coming into the fixture and the lamp. Thus, the obvious disadvantage of installing a retro-fit is that it requires effort, cost and skills to rewire the fixture. The advantage is that the fixture doesn’t pay any efficiency penalty as it has its own lamp driver.
Other LED linear lighting options are workshop lights and completely new fixtures that do not require replacement lamps. Most LED linear tube lights available can be used in place of T12, T10, or T8 tube designations, T10 is D30mm, T8 is D26mm, in lengths of 590 mm (23 in), 1,200 mm (47 in) and 1,500 mm (59 in).
Advantages of LED linear lighting
LED linear light offer a number of advantages over conventional lighting options. These include:
* Significant power savings – LEDs have always been known to use less energy compared to Halogen and fluorescent lights.
* Dimmable - LED lights can be controlled intelligently to change the amount of light being emitted by the fixture. Fluorescents have always been very difficult to dim and some aren’t dimmable at all.
* Better light quality - Unlike fluorescent linear lights, LED lights do not flicker and offer steady light that is kinder on the eyes. Moreover, some have different color options that enable them to generate warm white, cool white and other options to fit the situation.
* Work well with controls - LEDs can be set up to work seamlessly with occupancy sensors and other intelligent control systems, this isn’t so for fluorescent or halogen lights.
* Adaptable - LED linear lights are more adaptable than other lighting solutions. They are long and thin and this makes it easy to set them up below shelves, kitchen cabinets, bookcases. New LED linear lights have adhesive support that makes installation easier even in temporary settings.

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