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led batten light is a more cost effective alternative
2016-10-25 23:24
led batten lights look,on the face of it,to be very similar to led linear lights.and,in many ways,they are have a linear shape and can be affixed to a ceilling to shed light on the space below.the main difference lies in the fact that the led batten light is a more cost effective alternative to led linear lighting.
in addition,batten lighting is also often designed to be used outdoors,these light fixtures are often given waterproof and weatherproof covers,for example.this is the reason why you may very often see batten lights with leds inside being used on campsites(for instance to light up the outside walls of the shower room in the dark).futher uses include in garden sheds or on outbuildings.
one handy feature of this type of light is the fact that it can be designed to turn on automatically in response to movement and to turn off automatically after a certain time.this is very useful for instance if they are being used as outdoor lighting in the night time.led batten lights also come in fluorescent versions.

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